Brazilian / XXX Waxing

Prerequisite: Certificate in Waxing, Experience with hot/strip waxing

More women are requesting to have waxing performed in the most intimate areas of the body. A more aggressive approach to these intimate areas of the body being waxed are proving to be very popular.

Don't stop at the bikini line-suggest the XXX/Brazilian. More women wear G- string underwear and it is no surprise that the popularity of this kind of waxing is on the increase. Brazilian Waxing involves removing all the hair from the bikini area and some women prefer to leave a small strip in front.


3 Hour Workshop
2 Models required

Call 0407 048 534 for more information and price.

  • Contra-indications
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Practical Skills
  • Maintenance and after care
  • Promotional Techniques
  • Certificates
  • Job Placement Helps
  • Additional in salon training during and after courses
  • Product Kit and Manuals
  • 4 Students per class maximum to ensure a high standard of educations
    ( One on One Training also available )